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4. Enterprise Architecture
As a phrase, "Enterprise Architecture" refers to the discipline that helps make decisions regarding the Enterprise System.
It can also designate the description of an individual Enterprise System. In this case, we write "Enterprise architecture", with a lower case 'a'.
Enterprise Architecture is the discipline that analyzes the strategy and determines the main decisions for transforming the Enterprise System.
4.1. Rational action applies this basic truth: we need to understand and build a valid representation of the Enterprise System before making decisions and taking actions.
4.2. Enterprise Architecture is the discipline that is in charge of the overall design of the enterprise, in accordance with its strategy and values.
4.3. The starting point of Enterprise Architecture lies with the Enterprise objectives and values, whether conscious or not.
4.4. Under the term "scoping", Enterprise Architecture gathers all valuable information, decisions and knowledge, which are not necessarily expressed in a formal way.
4.5. The architecture of the Enterprise System obeys precise rules.
These rules lie at the core of Enterprise Architecture as a discipline.
4.6. As a discipline, Enterprise Architecture interacts with other disciplines that contribute to the transformation and monitoring of the Enterprise System.
4.7. Enterprise Architecture prepares the transformation of the Enterprise.
This is done by means of formal representations.