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6. Enterprise Transformation
This chapter starts with the rationale of Enterprise Transformation and continues with its content and means.
Mastering the transformation of the Enterprise requires the target and the trajectory to be made clear. The target defines an aspirational state of the future Enterprise System.
6.1. The Enterprise must continually be aware of its environment and must adapt to its changes, threats and opportunities.
6.2. The Enterprise must constantly take advantage of science and discovery in every field.
6.3. The Enterprise must perceive itself as a permanently changing organism, so that it increases its chance of success by adapting to new conditions.
6.4. In order for the Enterprise to be able to adjust rapidly, its Enterprise System must be built with agility in mind.
6.5. The IT System inside the Enterprise System plays an important role, for better or for worse.
6.6. Enterprise transformation manifests itself through two tools: target and trajectory.
6.6.a) A target is a to-be, hopefully aspirational, description of the future state of the Enterprise System.
6.6.b) The trajectory explains how the Enterprise will drive investments to take the System from its current state to the targeted state.
6.7. Driving the Enterprise transformation demands complete dedication balanced with smooth negotiation, on every aspect of the Enterprise System.