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The golden principles for improving enterprises
while respecting society's fundamental values and interests
7.Human Adventure
This chapter summarizes the core messages of the previous ones looking at them from a human resource perspective.
Transforming the Enterprise and improving its contribution to society require specific skills and motivations. Bridging the Enterprise and the University is part of this adventure.
7.1. The Enterprise provides individuals with a space where they can fulfil their potential, in accordance with their values and aspirations.
7.2. The Enterprise transformation requires a large range of skills to cover every aspect of the Enterprise System.
7.3. Identifying the competences and disciplines involved in the Enterprise transformation is a key factor for success.
7.3.a) For that, the enterprise and the education and training sectors need to share a common framework that defines the competences and disciplines.
7.3.b) The competences should be identified and positioned against the list of the Enterprise System aspects.
7.3.c) The definition and articulation of the Enterprise System aspects constitute the framework for mapping the competences and disciplines.
7.3.d) This competency map or methodological framework covers all aspects mentioned in this manifesto: culture (knowledge, values, languages), superstructure (strategy, objectives, ideology), structure (organization, processes), infrastructure (geography, equipment, means).
7.3.e) This framework is the theoretical foundation upon which the enterprise methodology is built.
7.4. Close and mutual relations between the Enterprise and the Academia ought to be encouraged and seen as a normal and regular activity for both universes.
7.5. The enterprise methodology acts as a vector, bringing academic research results into the Enterprise.
7.6. Taking into account psychological profiles and value systems results in better management.
7.7. The signatories of this manifesto believe that common vocabulary, framework and methodology will facilitate exchanges among partners and between enterprises and academics.
7.7.a) Sharing these references will help to optimize the training effort, preparing those competences necessary for Enterprise transformation.
7.7.b) Determining competences together will enable a coordinated education program to be put forward, linking private and public developments in this field and benefiting from advanced research.