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The golden principles for improving enterprises
while respecting society's fundamental values and interests
1. Motivation of the Manifesto
In the face of complexity, this manifesto articulates core principles and offers an escape from confusion, gloom and doom. It aims to reinforce our ability to act.
1.1. "Enterprise" here denotes any kind of human organization, grouped together, motivated and driven towards a common goal.
1.1.a) The term "Enterprise" covers the companies, groups, organizations, associations... be they public or private, for profit or not-for-profit.
1.1.b) The term "Enterprise" may also be used in its other meaning and refer to human endeavor, project, adventure, exploration...
1.2. This manifesto expresses the belief that an enterprise can be improved through different courses of action.
1.3. At its root, the manifesto springs from a feeling - shared by its signatories - that enterprises need to adopt a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to cope with their inner complexity and increasingly complex environments.
1.3.a) The enterprise methodology, Praxeme, provides such a comprehensive approach.
1.3.b) The Praxeme Institute is a not-for-profit association whose aim is to develop and promote Praxeme as an open method.
1.4. The Manifesto aims to summarize best practices and principles in order to share and diffuse them on a wide scale, among partners and through teaching.
1.4.a) These golden principles are generic and may apply to various methods in numerous contexts.
1.4.b) Signing the Manifesto means agreeing with the principles stated.
1.4.c) The signatories agree to encourage the initiative for an open method without necesseraly adopting it themselves.