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The golden principles for improving enterprises
while respecting society's fundamental values and interests
Signing the Enterprise Transformation Manifesto
Details on the protocol for participating in this endeavour can be found below.
Who can sign?
Any organization - be it private or public, for-profit or not-for-profit - can sign this Enterprise Transformation Manifesto (ETM).
Individuals can show their support for the method on the web site.
What does it mean, signing the manifesto?
By signing, an organization expresses its commitment to the stated principles, irrespective of the way it chooses to enact them. The organization also agrees with the premise that the Open Method Praxeme is a way for the principles to be enacted.
What contribution is expected?
Content contribution
Signatories may wish to contribute:
  • in their communication, by promoting the Manifesto;
  • with content that can be submitted for publishing on the ETM web site.
Financial contribution
No mandatory financial contribution is expected from the signatories. However, those signatories who wish to back the initiative for an open method, by contributing to its funding, are welcome. The amount of the donation is at their discretion. The Praxeme Institute is responsible for the funds collected and allocates their use, in keeping with its goal and spirit as stated in its statutes (1 The statutes of the Praxeme Institute are available at www.praxeme.org.).
What does the signatory gain in exchange?
The logo of the signatory organization is published on the web site: http://www.enterprisetransformationmanifesto.org,
with a link to its own web site.
The logos are positioned in accordance with the following criteria:
  • first, the financial amount that has been contributed (in descreasing order);
  • second, the chronological order (the oldest contributions first).
The cumulative amount is taken into consideration: in the case of multiple donations over time, the figure used is that of the total sum of all donations.
In addition to having their logo on the ETM web site, donors who have contributed more than 50,000 € (fifty thousand euros) will have a full page on the web site where they can outline their commitment to the principles of the Manifesto.
ETM Council
The ten signatories that contribute the most in terms of funding are represented in the ETM Council. They are consulted on questions relating to the endeavour, its promotion, the submitted contents, and any change to the text of the ETM and its web site. The secretary of the Praxeme Institute is a member of the ETM Council, and is responsible for the ETM web site. The ETM council is chaired by the president of the Praxeme Institute, with a specific focus on the consistency between the Manifesto and the Praxeme methodology.